2010 Concert Series


Ed Polcer, cornet/leader . Judy Kurtz, vocals
Will Anderson, clarinet/sax, flute . Emily Asher, trombone
Kevin Dorn, drums . Jonathan Russell, violin
Don Stein, piano . Mike Weatherly, bass


Saturday, October 2nd

Tuxedo Park private home
6 pm cocktail reception
7 pm performance

From 1934 until 1950, New York's fabled Swing Street was truly a magical place. To turn west from Fifth Avenue onto 52nd Street was to step into an entertainment wonderland. Within two city blocks there were no fewer than 38 nightclubs: comedy clubs, theater clubs, literary clubs, swank supper clubs - but mostly there were jazz clubs.

Nearly every great jazz and pop musician of the ‘30's and 40's frequented 52nd Street. On any given night you could hear Count Basie or Louis Prima at the Famous Door, Fats Waller at the Yacht Club; Mabel Mercer at Tony's; and Art Tatum, Maxine Sullivan or Dizzy Gillespie at the Three Deuces. Jimmy Ryan's and the Hickory House hosted jam sessions that were legendary.

Within all this musical activity, the swing style of jazz was being developed and refined. It is this golden age of jazz that the Ed Polcer Combo will explore as they take their listeners on a musical stroll down this famous street — into the smoky clubs that housed the New York Classic Jazz style, interspersing music with narrative, a bit of nostalgia and humor.

Since 1996, Ed's “Magic of Swing Street” has been performed at jazz festivals worldwide, including four appearances at New York's Lincoln Center.  TPAG is pleased to be bringing this toe-tapping music to Tuxedo.