The mission of the Tuxedo Performing Arts Group (TPAG) is to
support and promote musical and cultural events within the Tuxedo community
through concerts and performances by upcoming or top ranking artists in a
variety of musical fields, and to make these events accessible to all community residents.
The Tuxedo Performing Arts Group, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) designation.

Susan Heywood, President
Vacant, Vice President
Dale Mottola, Secretary/Treasurer

Calvin DeMond
Fiona Duffy
Sophie Farago
Lois Farber
Nancy Kaufer
Diana Marcus
Bob Ortmann
Sandy Taylor
Ingrid Warren

Friends of TPAG:
Inger Gruterich
Peter Head
Maryvan Pendl
Barbara Regna
Jean Marie Thompson

For more information contact:
TPAG at (845) 351-3473 or